The S&K Difference

The S&K Difference

No High Pressure. No Worries.

Call us crazy, but we think that improving your home should be an enjoyable experience – one that does not start off with you feeling pressured to ‘buy today’.  Many of our competitors do not agree. Their sales model requires that you allow them 60-90 minutes of your time, and that both homeowners be present during the sales call. Why?  First to overwhelm you with information. By the end of the pitch, they want you to feel like no other company could possibly know as much as they do about your home improvement. Not to mention that after 90 minutes, you are worn down and can’t fathom having to sit through another 90 minutes with another company!

The true end game is that you are asked to sign on the dotted line that day. They will claim that they can’t guarantee the same price tomorrow. They may even call their manager while they are with you to get an authorization for additional discounts.

Not so with S&K. While we believe in educating our customers on the home improvement they are looking to do, we believe and encourage homeowners to do their homework. After all, you want to be sure that what is done is done correctly, and that the company you choose will stand behind their work, and provide a fair price.

Read our customer reviews and you will see examples of what S&K Roofing, Siding and Windows has done for homeowners like you.

Competitive Prices

S&K takes pride in being able to provide homeowners with the very best in home improvements at fair prices. While other companies spend a great deal of money on advertising on TV, radio and even in ballparks, S&K takes a more modest approach. As any company does, we do advertising, but we carefully choose how we spend our advertising dollars. After all, in the end it’s YOU the homeowner that ultimately pay for any company’s advertising. The bigger the ad budget, the higher the price tag for your home improvement.

Our Motto – Worry Free. Guaranteed.

Back in 2003 when S&K was searching for a way to sum up what we provide in a tag line, we chose Worry Free. Guaranteed. From start to finish, we want your experience to be a great one, and we stand behind our work. The world of home improvement isn’t perfect and occasionally there are missteps. What sets one company apart from another, however, is their ability to correct a mistake. We want you to be happy – our reputation and future success depends on it. On every job, we will do all we can to earn your trust and your positive review.